A-D-JUST x Betty Bachz

Betty Bachz’s debut collection with A-D-JUST takes inspiration from a VR trip to the unexplored depths of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth.

The collection is a timeless and unique capsule made out of gold-plated 925 sterling silver and responsibly sourced Jade and offers two pairs of drop earrings and three necklaces that sit elegantly on the collarbone, oozing a feminine charm.

The barrier reef has suffered a third coral bleaching in the last five years as result of the warming of water temperatures. Corals are able to return to their previous cacophony of vibrant colours on the bed of the ocean, but only if water temperatures are reduced and stay constant will this rebirth be possible. The theme restoration is central to this collection as real size sea shells, a long recognized symbol of good fortune and resurrection, were used to create the 3D printing.

Betty Bachz’s childhood and Chinese heritage also provided a great source of inspiration with jade as the centrepiece of this capsule, an intimate portrayal of her childhood memories of hazy days spent by the sea with her mother, who would always wear a jade pendant for protection. Jade holds a purpose of nourishment and the presence of the stone is believed to have a powerful healing effect, to create harmony and balance of clear energy.

2% of all proceeds will be donated to the environmental NGO, Coral Reef Alliance, to continue the important work of protecting and restoring the world’s coral reefs.